11.About us

Leadership of The Centre “Golden Age”  

Gennady Solnechnyy and Svetlana Solnechnaya

Solnechnaya Svetlana was educated  as technologist and economist. She was graduated the course “Human and Bioenergy” in  the Moscow Center “Arhat” and got the qualification of "the sensitive operator of bio-energy interactions."

In 1995 she  studied  at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (Moscow) and  finished  courses of emergency medical assistance  (Moscow).

Solnechniy Gennady graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Faculty  of Physical and Chemical Biology) in 1990. Later in 1994  he defended the thesis on molecular biology and bioorganic chemistry in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. As well he studied at the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis (St. Petersburg) in 1994.  He was studying at the Institute of Transpersonal (now the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) from 1995 till 1996. He studied  the full course of Holotropic Breath-work and transpersonal psychology by Vladimir Maikov. He always emphasizes how he is grateful to him.

           For  nine years (from 1995 to 2004), Gennady and Svetlana the Solnechniy  studied and worked in the International public organization "International Center of Space  Mind" (ICSM). They went through all 24 levels of intellectual and spiritual development at the Academy. In 2004 they passed the exams and received diplomas of  instructors to teach bio-energy. As well as they got  the rank of "World Servants of the Galactic master  level."

           ICSM was created and headed by Academician Evgeny Nikolayevich Vselensky  and his wife Lyubov Vselenskaya. They were  their  spiritual teachers and supervisors for 9 years. The Solnechniy  are very grateful for the Teacher’s  Love, Wisdom, Sacrifice, Holiness and for all the Knowledge they received.

           Gennadiy Solnechniy  is co-author of several chapters, scientific editor, and interpreter of Vselensky’s book  from the  space language to the earth one.

           Their  main task  is  to prepare  people (the majority are  the representatives of the Fifth Race) for the transition to  the  next evolutionary level (to the Sixth Godlike Race). They see their purpose  as "to prevent global catastrophe due to the change of the poles of our planet, as well as to prepare special groups of survival and to rescue services among the civilian population ...".

           We work on harmonization and protection of spaces of Energy of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and the whole Earth and Space with the help of Vselensky’s meditation.  Hyper  Transcendent Meditation (HTM) is the  analogue of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation. 

           ICSM (International Centre of Space Mind) offered  real ways for  Russia  to leave the crisis. They had methods  how to rule  the country effectively  (the minimum investment and maximum results.) Relevant research projects were represented to the administration of the Presidents of Russia: Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, but it  never reached the addressees. Unfortunately the proposals were stuck in the bureaucracy. It was suspicious to esoteric.
The Solnechniy studied precisely multilayer  protection  systems, "Merkaba-Universum-Zvezdathrone" (MUZ). This system consists of an infinite set of fields of Love and Light.

           According to Melchizedek’s book  “Acient Secret “Flower of Life”  Mer-Ka-Ba is  the first (easiest)  protection  in this system. D. Melchizedek puts it: "There are thousands of different Mer-Ka-B. But  it would be great for  the average person to learn at least one. "

           The mission of  the Great Russia  is to awake  all the humanity. That is why the aim  of the Dedicated people  incarnated  in Russia  to activate all types of "Mer-Ka-Ba". 

           From 1996 to 2002 the whole system of MUZes were passes to our teachers the Vselenskys by the representatives of the High Civilizations.  Gennady and Svetlana  completed the full course of construction and activation of this system.

           In 2000  they  received the Dedication on the right of independent workshops to enhance the fields of "Universe-Merkaba-Zvezdathrone". Since  then  they  have  been successfully conducting  seminars in Moscow and other cities.

           Their  work  became especially important after the departure of their  Masters  Evgeniy  and Lyubov  Vselensky in July 2004 and after  the termination of the "International Center of Space  Mind" in Moscow and  other cities.  Since 2004  their Centre “Golden Age” have taken the mission  of ICSM  to prepare  the humanity for the Great Transition.

           From 2004 to the present time they  have been regularly  conducting seminars on Space Bioenergy in several series: "The Formula of Excellence", "Karmic transsurfing  by the Solnechny (13 Pearls of Love and Wisdom)", "Preparation for the Great Transition", "Enhance  of Hyper Possibilities" (Firewalking), "Secrets of  the Dedicated","Exemption from the  addiction", etc.


Here we are. The picture was made by our students who were inspired by their seminars: